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Mediroll provides a variety of mobile solution to carry light weight medical devices or IT systems - Tablets, all in one computers - around the hospital campus

Our products are built out of a standard high-quality Platform that can be easily customized upon demand, to fit the needs of different OEM customers.

Our Roll stands can carry different interfaces to fit the main world-wide brands of patient monitors/blood pressure systems, EKG machines, thermometers and more...

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Simple use, click to open mechanism


MEDIROLL Rolling Stands have a common base structure and a set of unique attachments that enable assembly and interfacing of a very wide range of medical devices 

The MEDIROLL Height Adjustable Stands provide High-quality mobile platform for easy use under different height needs 

The MEDIROLL modular medication cassette has a footprint of 600 x 400 mm, therefore, it can easily slide into any cart and cabinet that are designed to accommodate ISO 3394 modular systems

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